Young Adventurers: Heroes, Explorers & Swashbucklers

Young Adventurers: Heroes, Explorers & Swashbucklers

Tales of Teens Saving the Day in The Past, The Present, The Future & Other Worlds

young adventurers anthology

Look what came in the mail! I don’t normally blog about this stuff because self-promotion makes me uncomfortable sometimes, but I’m very proud to have my story “The Blue Orb” included in this anthology from Intrigue Publishing. Quite frankly, I don’t remember where the inspiration for this story came from. One day I just found myself at the end of writing this story.

Aside from my story, there are 16 wonderful and unique tales from a variety of very talented authors. My story is the very last one in the anthology and by the time I read through everyone else’s stories and reached my story I did not want to reread it for fear of feeling that my story isn’t that great! All of the stories are just that good.

This anthology will be available online and in bookstores starting December 1st.

“Godrock” Appearing in Playing with Fire

I’m a little late in announcing this, but better late than never!playing with fire anthology

A little while back, I wrote a short story about a village that endures constant raiding from a better equipped neighboring village. Fearing for the future of his village, the elder turns to the skies and asks for help from his deity…and well things change for both villages.

My story was accepted into the “Playing with Fire” themed anthology from the fine folks at Third Flatiron Publishing. It also happens to be my first sale of a story so obviously it means a lot to me on many levels.

There are a lot of great, well-written stories in the anthology. You can check it out at Amazon or at Smashwords.