Back from Iceland

I don’t have any words to describe the beauty of Iceland. Beautiful, amazing, spectacular, awesome and all their synonyms don’t quite cut it. “Otherworldly” is the closest I can get, I think.

10 days wasn’t enough to take it all in, not when you need to pull the car over every five minutes to look at something incredible that’s completely different from what you pulled over to look at the last time. The variety of landscapes on that tiny island is staggering.

With its volcanoes and glaciers, it’s truly the land of ice and fire and it’s no wonder that Icelanders have so many sagas and that so many fantasy authors and filmmakers have drawn inspiration from this place.

Did you know that J.R.R. Tolkien’s “nanny” was Icelandic and told the young man all about Iceland and its sagas? Did you know that Gandalf is a dwarf in Norse mythology?