spotless floor

Joe worried he’d find the house on fire. Instead, it was immaculate.

“Fantastic for your first day alone,” he told Reginald.

“Pleasing being satisfy you,” the robot said.

“…We’ll work on your English.”


11 thoughts on “Reginald

  1. I’m hoping Reginald knows the Three Laws of Robotics . . . or do I?! Great piece; I chuckled at the human-ness and believability of it, actually! My husband was recently telling me about a rather unsettling science/tech podcast about the coming sentience of computers/AI. Very Terminator-esque! [Oh, and I’m sheepishly thirding what Janna said. I’ve got some housecleaning and other projects I need Reginald’s help with–so long as he doesn’t get too smart :)!]

  2. Ha!ha!I wouldn’t mind having such a robot-so what if his English is not perfect-one definitely can understand him and look at his efficiency-only first day and yet the house is immaculate! Where can I order one?Loved this! 🙂

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