A Case of the Whatevers

Chicken Soup
“Make sure you put on your heavy jacket, young man. Do you have any idea how cold it is out there? You’re going to get sick,” mom yelled from the bottom of the steps.

“Uh huh,” Ty said as he slipped the hoodie over his head.

“Did you hear me? You better put on a heavy jacket.”


“You’re not listening, are you? What did I just say?”

“Don’t worry. I promise,” Ty said as he came down the stairs two at a time.

“When you’re sick you better not come crying to me about – “

“Yep, whatever, mom. Love you.” Ty planted a kiss on his mom’s cheek and bolted through the door.

The next morning Ty woke with a splitting headache. His nose was runny and his throat scratchy.

“Mom,” he called weakly from his room.

A few minutes later, mom appeared in the doorway. “Looks like you’re suffering from the whatevers there.” She laughed.

Ty groaned.

“Come on,” mom said. “Let’s get some chicken soup in you.”

photo by: erix!

9 thoughts on “A Case of the Whatevers

  1. It can be -40 outside and you are guaranteed to see some teenager in a t-shirt. You captured one of the quintessential rites of growing up; trying to become a man but, learning the awful truth that, indeed, Mom is usually right. Good work. 🙂

  2. I had a very similar coat conversation with my eleven-year-old today. He left in a hoodie, just as he has the last two weeks I’ve been suggesting something more. Dang kid won’t even get sick…he’s THAT stubborn 🙂

    But if he did get sick, I’d take care of his ‘whatevers’ like this mom did!

  3. But the heavy jacket doesn’t match my outfit. I taught teenagers and listened to them discuss fashion and who wore a brown belt with black shoes. The whole time I would wonder what did it matter considering some of their clothes.

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