Movie Review: Silent House

I just got home from watching Silent House at the local movie theater. I remember seeing the preview for it when I saw The Grey (decent movie) and I remember being intrigued by the trailer.

The first three quarters of the movie are a pretty decent thriller flick. The setting and atmosphere of the movie is creepy and lends itself to an overall ominous feel and while it doesn’t always work for me, I thought the shaky camera was pretty effective in this movie in creating tension. I’m not a huge fan of the eerie silence and come out of nowhere scares, but every once in a while I enjoy them especially in the right atmosphere. Fortunately, the crowd at the theater was a lot of fun. People yelped and gasped and made comments like “I can’t watch this. I’m going to have a heart attack” so it was definitely fun to be a part of that.

Unfortunately, the movie falls apart in the last quarter. The big reveal is lame and the ending is unsatisfying, but up until that point I was having a pretty good time. Elizabeth Olsen, Mary Kate and Ashley’s younger sister, played the lead and did a fine job I thought. The camera is fixed closed to her face for the majority of the movie and her facial expressions of terror had me feeling sorry for her and shifting in my seat uncomfortably.

All in all, it’s a decent watch and if the big reveal wasn’t such a dud, I’d have liked the movie more.