The Devastation of Expectations

I participated in my first #5MinuteFiction yesterday and had an absolute blast. It was nerve racking and it was terrifying, but what a rush! The prompt for the challenge was put up at 8:30pm EST and you had to post your entry by 8:45. The prompt was to use the phrase “The devastation of expectations” somewhere in your story. When I saw that prompt, I stared at it for at least a few minutes before an idea came to me. I wrote fast and furiously and kept looking down in the right hand corner of my computer to see how much time was left. I slopped something together that I submitted at 8:44. Just in time!

I know I sometimes struggle with procrastination so if you’re looking for something to get your creative juices flowing that forces you to focus and write, I would definitely check out #5MinuteFiction.

You can look for #5MinuteFiction on Twitter or visit the website of Nicole Wolverton who puts it together every week.

I was chosen as one of the finalists. Here’s what I wrote:

I sat back watching the tears well up in my daughter’s eyes and I couldn’t help but feel extremely guilty. She let out a loud wail as she collapsed to the ground, flailing her arms and kicking the wall.

My wife rushed into the room with a towel barely covering her body expecting to find our daughter bleeding profusely from the forehead or at least badly bruised.

“What is it?” my wife screamed frantically.

The look of fright on her face lessened and a slight smile eased across her face as she noticed the chocolate smeared on my upper lip and cheeks and the half-eaten chocolate bunny in my hand.

“She thought that bunny was hers, didn’t she?” my wife said, looking down again at our young daughter who continued to fret and scream and cry.

“The devastation of expectations,” I responded.

#MenageMonday – Week 23

I participated in my first #MenageMonday that’s hosted every week by @caramichaels and I’m pleased to say the guest judge author Everett Powers chose me as this week’s winner! Check out my entry and all of the other wonderful entries right here. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging writing prompt that’s sure to spur your creativity, definitely check out #MenageMonday.

Five Sentence Fiction – Yearning

Staring outside at the bright blue sky and at the lush green grass blowing in the wind, a wave of sadness overcame him as a happy memory invaded his mind.

The joyful laughter of his wife warmed him more than the sun on that day the two of them sat in the grass and looked up at the sky, debating whether the cloud looked like a miniature hippo or a sailboat.

What he wouldn’t give to see her again, to sit in the grass with her and to hear that wonderful, joyous laugh that he missed so dearly.

It was the laugh that he first fell in love with, the laugh that he knew he could never stifle and certainly never harm.

“I’m innocent!” he screamed in rage, his voice echoing off the cold, gray concrete walls of his cell.