Writing by hand is awesome

For generating ideas and getting things that are stuck in my head out of my head, I prefer writing by hand. It’s quicker and it’s messier and uglier, but it’s quicker. I don’t agonize over misspelled words or even constructing full sentences. I wasn’t always like this. I used to jot everything down, even really stupid, nonsensical things, in word documents that were then placed into neatly organized and properly labeled folders on my computer. I don’t have time for that anymore or I don’t care anymore. Anything that isn’t a first draft goes into a journal or notebook that I carry with me everywhere. It’s liberating to conveniently whip it out when I have something swirling in my head that needs to get out. What’s good might make it into a blog post or a story draft and what’s bad can stay between the pages and never see the light of day.

Which is great because I can cut down on the nonsense that I put on this blog. I don’t exactly feel pressured anymore to put up new content. That’s fewer things living on the internet that will make me cringe when I revisit them months later. When it’s past my bed time, it’s better that I’m putting half-baked thoughts into a crappy journal instead of on the internet. Though I just might be failing with this post.

One thought on “Writing by hand is awesome

  1. I’ve always preferred to write things out by hand. Even with the convenience of typing. I grew up using a journal and writing thoughts down so it just seems natural. I totally agree.

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