Tracking National Novel Writing Month

Last year when I first heard about National Novel Writing Month, I was pumped. What better way to write the novel you’ve been putting off for years than to give yourself 30 days to write it? Unfortunately, I never got further than creating an account.

This year I fully intended to finish the challenge and write at least 50,000 words in 30 days. I’ve got an idea, but I still need to put together an outline to follow and flesh out the details.

I’ve done two things to keep me honest. First, I’ve joined my regional writing group on the official website. I hope to attend a few “write-ins” and meet other writers who are doing this crazy event. Second, I was digging around the internet and I found a schedule that weights the writing requirements more heavily in the beginning days. How nice is it that you’ll never have to write more than you did on the first day? I put together an excel spreadsheet to track my progress:


Anyone else taking the plunge?

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