New Site!

Hello everyone! After a lot of consideration and research, I’ve decided to move my blog away from hosting on to hosting it myself using the platform. It may get a little weird around here the next few days, but hang with me until I get everything up and running smoothly.

If you have a site on and you’re planning on going the self-hosted route, I’d recommend this resource. If you’re not planning on going the self-hosted route, I suggest you consider it. The greater flexibility it offers is definitely worth it.

An update on some published pieces

A few notes about some of the pieces I’ve written that are appearing in anthologies:

“Happily Ever After” is a piece I wrote for a fairy tale anthology called Once Upon A Time: A Collection of Unexpected Fairytales. I had a lot of fun writing my story and any money the anthology makes is going to towards the National Literary Trust.

“A Bad Breakup” is a piece I wrote for the upstart Ink Monkey Press and their first ever anthology You Don’t Say. All of the stories in this anthology are written in the second person. While challenging, it was a great reward writing a story in the second person and I’m proud of its inclusion.

Lastly, my story “Fioro” will appear in an upcoming anthology from Wicked East Press called Bed Time Stories for Boys. There are bound to be some really cool stories within and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

Hello There

Well, I finally caved in and put up a site. I’ve always wanted my own site and my own domain and now that I’ve become serious about writing it’s as good a time as any.

What can you expect from this site? I’m not entirely sure. As I’m currently writing my first novel, I’ll definitely share the trials and tribulations that I face as a first time novelist, but other than that, who knows? Whatever I find interesting  or helpful regarding writing, or anything for that matter, will probably end up on this blog.

I’ll try and get something up later this week about the process that I currently employ to write my novel.

Until then, write, write, write, write.